About us


Andrew Bazata

Founder & CEO

Exhibiting an innate talent for options trading, statistical analysis, and money management in general, I was able to grow my knowledge base, and leverage my abilities into a growing community of traders. After a short time, Homegrown Investments grew to over 1,000 members in several states, and at least two countries. Now we are developing Mimic.Trade.

Who are we?

Mimic.Trade is brought to you by Homegrown Investments LLC, based out of North Central Arkansas, which is also the parent company of 870.Trades and Day Traders Global, all three founded by our CEO.

Years ago our CEO, Andrew, identified a major flaw within the communities of traders. That was lack of support. All these groups had a one major thing in common, which was only wanting to make money for themselves and not for their customers. This is when Drew set out to revolutionize how people learned and were guided as traders on the stock market. 

As time went on, Andrew's innate ability to trade options caught the eyes of many, and thus 870.Trades was born, and grew to over 1000 traders in under a year. Even though his +90% win/loss record was enough to keep them coming, customers wanted more. They wanted Andrew himself to control their portfolios. Realizing how big of a feat this would be to accomplish, Andrew reached out to a company out of New York called Automated.Constulting who has helped tirelessly to plan and develop the Mimic.Trade platform. 

We, as a company, can't express how excited we are to offer such a revolutionary service to our customers. We thank you for giving us this opportunity to show you what your future can hold.


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