Automate your trades.

Mimic.Trade is the first service to offer live automated day trading by live professional Day Traders.

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  • “This company is hands down one of the best at what they do. You want a team that’s hands on and teaches you every aspect of trading and investing and that’s just what they do here!”
    Sagar Patel
    Google Review
  • “From hobbyist to professional trader this is the place to learn, grow, and invest in yourself! Do yourself and your wallet a favor and check it out!”
    Fuzzy Hartley
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  • "I've been a client with Homegrown Investments for just over a year now and I have to say, if you want to learn how to day trade while getting the most accurate alerts, this is the team for you."
    Robert Alexander
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  • "I’ve been apart of the community since March of 2020. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained on the stock market and how to trade options has opened up doors for me that I never would’ve thought I’d ever even see."
    Colton Quick
    Google Review
  • "This company has been such a life change for my family and they have helped us every step of the way. They are more than happy to help you understand any question you may have and they are great people as well. If I could give them a 10 star review I would!!"
    Kayla Hurley
    Google Review
  • "This company is hands down one of the best at what they do. You want a team that’s hands on and teaches you every aspect of trading and investing and that’s just what they do here!"
    Cody Quick
    Google Review
  • "If you follow exactly what they tell you, it's easy money. Great service, great signals."
    Wes Turverey

Perfect for the average joe.

Using Mimic.Trade means you can live your normal day to day life without having to lift a finger. Linking your account to our service allows you to take advantage of the same exact trades our certified staff are entering, completely autonomous to you. Welcome to your future.

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  • Live Traders

    We only allow live trading by real experienced day traders on our platform. No Algos, AI, or scripts will ever be used within our platform.

  • We do it all

    Whether it's work, school, or just a disinterest in trading, we take care of it all for you, and no percentage of your gains are taken.

  • Become a Merchant

    If you run your own trading group and want to offer the same service to your clients, you can! All you need is to sign up as a merchant. 

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Our Key Features

Direct Account Linking

Privacy and security is top priority. Our ability to directly link accounts means your capital and passwords are safe.

Control Your Risk

By allowing you to set your own risk parameters, you can insure you never spend too much on any single trade.

Real Time Trades

From the second they are executed on our account, the same trades will be executed on your account as well.

NO Algorithms

Only real traders with real strategies to execute trades. No algorithms are used within our platform.

Link your account >

Our platform is an approved app through TD Ameritrade. When signing up you will be asked to authorize access to your account. Once authorization is made you will be be able to set your risk tolerance based on how much you are willing to risk per trade, among other settings. 

< Set your risk tolerance

We don't believe in coming up with risk tolerance for other people, so this is on you. By setting your own parameters you can insure you don't spend more than you're comfortable with on any one trade. From number of contracts, max price of premium, or even the total cost of any trade, you got you covered.

Sit back and relax >

Once you set and apply the parameters you chose for your risk profile, you can start having trades automatically executed on your behalf by our live day traders. From this point on, any trade that is executed on our account will be executed on yours as well, automatically and in real time. You will even receive an alert once a trade has been executed on your account. 

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